Monday, May 24, 2010

Do I have too?

I'm sitting here staring at a pile of work that needs to be done for me to move forward. I've been staring at it since about 8. I'm looking for things to distract me from the work because I've let it develop into a mountain and I'm not one hundred percent sure which rock will be the best one to start with to whittle the mountain down to bitesize chunks.

Fetlife, that wonderfully perverted social site of kinky goodness, is down at the moment. I keep getting the 504 Gateway Time-out error. Which is good in it's own way, means I can't be perving it up there and not be getting my work done.

I'm trying to find a way so that I can display my photography so I can maybe get a job doing what I love.

I love taking pictures... of naked girls... in bondage... fetish... and erotic poses.
Yeah. This picture is one of mine.

I'm going to have to create that job aren't I?

There's more work to be done. Yard work, Resume work, Job-application work, Domestic work.

It's monday so it's the day I do my Fortra exercises. Another task to be put on the pile. I love the exercises, don't get me wrong, but when I look at it all together...

Jay Wiseman once posted something in his group on fetlife about having a babysitter, somebody that came over, hung out and kept him on task. Having played that role for others in the past, I appreciate what it is that he was asking for.

Just somebody to be there and prevent the distractions of the shiny sites, the new and interesting porn (They're doing what with a what to that Girl??), and the random perving of random fetlife members.

If I ever get my kinky submissive girl, that will be one of her duties to me. Keep me on task.

Something weird last night: I went to bed a little hungry last night, then about 3am I woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach and my mouth was just watering.

Now when I say watering, I don't mean the little bit of extra saliva you get when you think of or smell food, I mean I didn't need a drink of water after I swallowed what was in my mouth.

Maybe it was a dream.

I would also like to make a note about my sexuality. I'm hetroflexible. I just found this term and I haven't looked it up, but I'm a smart fellow, so I'm going to make an educated guess/make up my own meaning for the word.

Being hetroflexible; I am attracted to feminine people. I've experimented in the past with anal stimulation and blowjobs with other men and I found that the only major obstacle for me was the Hair. I can't do the body hair nor the facial hair, but I had no issue with the penis. Go figure.

So when I say that I'm hetroflexible, I mean that I can be flexible in my defining of a partner. If I get a pre op transexual that can pass, then I'm okay with that. If I get a woman that occasionally wants to use a strap on, that's fine too.

Do I need that? No, I'm just open to it. I refuse to pigeonhole myself into any role. Except maybe kinky bastard.

I think I've wasted enough time...

Back to work with me.

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