Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Conversation... Via Text
The following happened today and out of the blue.
Ex: Really really weird and wrong cuz i am with someone but i am laying here and all i could think of suddenly is u... hope ur doing well sry its late. sent 1:06am Recieved 11:54am
Me: I don't know how to respond to this. Sent 11:58am
Me: Did you want to talk or were you just sharing? Sent 12:21pm
Ex: Idk it was really weird how i just thought of u last night and us watching tv together on the couch... guess sharing and really wanted to make sure ur doing ok Recieved 12:29pm
Me: No Sent 12:30pm
Ex: Whats wrong? Recieved 12:30pm
Me: What can i say? You still haunt me. I have regrets that we didn't work out and i miss you. and you rejected me. You catch me off guard. Sent 12:38pm
Ex: Sorry :(.. I was trying to be nice. Later Recieved 12:42pm
Me: Unless you want to make up and try again then please leave me alone. I know what we had was brief but it touched me. Sent 12:50pm

This from the girl I was willing to marry in a heartbeat. I'm fine and able to move on without her in my life... I just need her there out of my life.
Did I do the right thing?

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