Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why can't she leave me alone?

Ex girlfriend texts me up, same one I want to grudge fuck and tells me she's wrong and weird but she suddenly started thinking of me last night again and how we used to watch television on the couch.

How the fuck am I supposed to respond to or answer this fucking bitch? Do I tell her that the weirdest things remind mr of her still, I miss seeing her talking to her and just her presence and that I was much better with her than I am without her? That I wish I had never fucking met her because I don't feel right any more without her and despite my best efforts I haven't been able to move on past her and every time I feel like I'm making progress she sends me a single text message that drags me to tears as if everything was fresh.

I fucking hate this.

I told her I wasn't okay and that she still haunts me. Unless she was serious in wanting to make it work with me, then to leave me alone.

I know the likely hood of that happening, maybe that will prevent her from fucking me up emotionally.

I was fine before she texted me up, but afterwards I was getting short with my eyeglass tech. I feel on edge now.

Getting new glasses after four years, yay.

I'm all fucked up right now.

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