Sunday, May 16, 2010

Books are dangerous... and should be read.

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Being a dominant man.

Let's talk about being a dominant man real quick and why this is sexy for women in general and especially for submissive women.

Now the purpose of what I'm doing this blog for is to explore my dating techniques and to pick and choose what works and what doesn't. One of the things that I'm sold on is from this book by Gary Brodsky How to Dominate Women and that is that no matter what you as part of the dating of the woman, you should never let the woman decide anything for you.

Let me repeat that just to make sure that I am clear in what I am saying.

Never let the woman decide anything for you, in regards to you, or something that effects you that you should be deciding for yourself.

As a dominant man, you are the one making decisions for yourself. You are the last person that you have to answer to. You can take what they are saying you should be doing and you can consider it as an option, but the moment you say 'yes dear.' to something that they've decided about you is the moment that you should just chop off your balls.

If they don't like the way that you dress, then why are they hanging around you? Listen to what they have to say and then either ignore it completely or make a small compromise by deciding to wear something more appropriate but of your own choice.

You're not making decisions for her either, you're just not letting her have control of your life. This has two effects for you. It creates a bit of tension and drama that you'll both thrive on, and it reminds her that you're in charge of your own life. If she wants to be a part of it, then she has to make her own decisions to do just that.

Now I want to state that I love women. Some of the best people I know are women, and this attitude doesn't apply to all women, but since I'm attempting to find and date a submissive kinky girl... then I have to not cater to the ones that I am attracted to.

Now, being a confidant, dominant man is the secret to the success of getting a woman into bed. I've tested and proven this theory already.

Remember today's lessons;

Men; You are in charge of yourself. Don't ever give up that power or you will regret it. In a general non bdsm sense, then make the decisive decisions within the relationship of where you're going for the night and what you'll be doing and the woman will either follow along for the ride, or she won't.

You don't force her to do anything. That comes later with lots of negotiations and plenty of communications.

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  1. It goes both ways. If she latches on too quickly and can't be her own person something is probably wrong. Confidence and self reliance are sexy.