Saturday, May 15, 2010

The day after...

The play date with K was amazing. I got to do a lot of things that I've been wanting to try and experience, as well as put the toys to some use finally.

I'm not going to give a play by play of the evening, but I got to use my metal butt plug finally, my anal hook as a vaginal hook, my hitachi wand, and all my striking toys as well as very nearly shoving my fist in her pussy.

It was a bit more sex play than dominance play, but I had her kneel while I inspected her and commanded her into various positions.

It was during this play date that I realized that I still have a long way to go on my fitness regime to get to where I want to be. One of the major things I want do work on is my sexual prowess. I'm still not satisfied with my performance to date, but bear in mind that I'm comparing myself to the Porn stars ten years younger than me (Ye gods am I that old!?) and they have never fought to bring their bodies back under control.

K said I did an amazing job and I don't doubt that I did, but I know I can do better.

By the way; Rockhard Weekend has lost it's potency. I tried it almost 8 months ago and it worked like viagra on steroids, then they changed the formula for some unknown and unacknowledged reason and now it doesn't do shit.

I know this because I have both purchased a bottle of the blue and white pills directly from the manufacturer after they stopped selling in the store and I found a guy who still had a supply of the old stuff.

Took the new pill and waited the requisite 72 hours and I noticed no difference, but when I took the old pill, well, let's just say that I was a little embarrassed to be walking around all the time.

I know that as I lose the weight and rebuild my muscle mass then I'm going to perform better in bed. I'm just being impatient for it.

I spoke to S about M the other day, nothing new there, so I'm not going to worry about it.

L never showed up for the meeting, and she isn't responding to my texts. I may have to go and see her and try to get a direct answer out of her about the modeling and the meetings.

On the actual dating front, I'm still just flirting with women around the town. I want to find another job before I really start going on dates and trying to build a relationship.

I still feel big.

By the way; I love feedback. I thrive on it. Give my your thoughts and suggestions or whatever.

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