Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A shot of Vanilla in a chocolate world.

I feel like a hypocrite, but I'm not really. I stated that I'm not using fetlife to meet new people for dating purposes, but I end up meeting people through the site anyway.

I met K through fetlife. K is a sweet girl who has a lot of kinky desires and a couple of obstacles standing in the way of her fantasy fulfillment.

She has an online dom and is currently going through a divorce. I'm just offering her my services as a play partner. I think that I have to make that very clear to her. I'm not looking to get romantically involved with her, but to just help her scratch her itch while she helps me scratch mine.

I like her, she's cool. But I'm not going to take it further than play partners.

There's been no word from S on M, but that's fine. I'm keeping myself distracted with my life to really worry about what's going on with them.

The meeting went well. We talked about a lot of things and we're going to be meeting on a more regular basis. Kink's anonymous!

I'm upset with my ipod. I had written out a nice long article about being a nice guy and what you really have to do be the man in the relationship and when I went to bring it over and polish it up, the article was gone.

How do you punish a piece of technology? Set it in the corner? Give it a good technical tap?

I recorded my missing article, driving down the road just using my ipod to record my thoughts. I may just post that after editing it a bit to tighten it up.

I think I'll do just that.

During the meeting; something strange happened. This may be normal but this is the first time it happened with me. So we're all together in a public Cafe talking about our kinky lives when I see this cute girl walk towards us and waves at me.

She, Kc, comes over and sits down with us and starts chatting with the group as if she belongs and we're just throwing terms at her like TNG and Fetlife. I pick up that she isn't quite getting it. So I lean in to her and I say... "We're into the kinky sex".

Turns out she's a swinger.

To make a long story shorter, Kc's friend comes along and gets sucked into the group as well and it's like a shot of vanilla into the dark chocolate shake of the soul.

Kc's friend has an overpowering personality and in short order, she had not taken over the meeting but was out talking us. So we got up and left after a couple of minutes. I left with the comment "hey, we're hungry and we're going to steaknshake. You're going to the bar right?"

The rest of the night was just fun talking and trying to come up with new ideas for what we can do as a group in the future.

Be on the look out for my podcast and I'll talk at you later guys.

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