Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last night was... Powerful.

I picked K up and we went Back to my place. We hung out, had dinner, and briefly discussed what we were going to be doing. I had her for the evening so there was no rush.

She looked at my collection of books, erotic photography, books on relationships and dominance with the occasional novel.

I know that just jumping into a scene can be jarring, K has had so little support and comfort recently I'm proud that she can get what she needs from me. I allow her to get that from me. I'm waiting for her to get in the right mindframe, the one that is pliable to my will.

When she's ready, I have her fold her clothes off to the side, then kneel before me and kiss my ring. I place my collar around her neck and lock it into place. I tell her that as long as she wears my collar then she is mine to do with as I please, my property. She accepted this.

After locking it into place, I tell her to try and take it off. She struggles with it but soon gives up, her submission is almost tangible after she realizes that this symbol of my ownership of her is not easily removed.

My purpose tonight is to cause her pain. I want to test her tolerance.

I used several toys to that purpose.

* my bare hands
* the riding crops
* the big wooden paddle
* the rattan cane
* the flicker
* the floggers
* nipple clamps

I tagged her upper back, her thighs, and her butt leaving her very pink and hot to the touch. I had to hold her up and get her back into position by gripping her pussy after the pain of the toys made her dance.

I was very satisfied with her pain tolerance. I decided to move onto the bondage portion of our activities. I don't like handcuffs, thin metal bands that can cut off circulation or you can lose the key too. I prefer leather cuffs, wide, flexible, and adjustible. You really have to be talented to hurt yourself with a pair of leather cuffs.

Ankles and wrists secured in leather cuffs, I get her done up with some breast bondage and have her kneel before me again.

K has an issue with oral sex. She can't seem to initiate the act. She wants too, but she needs help getting started.
I had her undress me using only her teeth. When I was undressed, I ordered her to service me orally, but that resulted with her face planted firmly between my legs, but no oral service. I want to push her, but not too hard and not too fast.

I secure her wrists together behind her and secure her ankles to my spreader bar and then proceed to punish her pussy by slapping it with my hand, striking it with a riding crop and then stimulating it with the hitachi magic wand.

During this process, I work a butt plug into her and attempt to fist her while using the hitachi.

I'm able to get four fingers into her pussy before she's cumming and thrashing around despite the bonds I have her in.

After she settles down, I release her arms and legs and allow her to recuperate.

We talk about the reluctance of her giving oral service. She says that she wants to be able to do it but embarasment.

I secure her hands above her head to my headboard and force her to suck my cock. I make sure that she's in a green state during this, our safewords. If she really wanted to, she could get out of the restraints.

I release her arms and she withdraws onto herself, embarasment again. I tell her that she should be proud to be sucking my cock.

I tell her that I want her to crawl between my legs and suck my cock and to do it proudly. It takes her a few minutes but she's able to do it without me forcing her.

I found that refering to her as my property really turned her on.
"How does it feel being my property, and that I'm fucking my property?"
"I love shoving my cock deep into my property's pussy. "

I am proud of my girl, my property, for taking what I gave her. I don't seek to out do others but to realize my potential as a dominant.

A note on sex and domination, they can be seperate and often should be, but this was covered in our negotiations.

I have to say that the hitachi magic wand is one of the best investments towards my toybag ever. Period.

It has helped turn an anal virgin with reservations into an anal slut in record time.

But as fun and exciting as all of those things were, they were nothing compared to K resting her head on my foot and saying thank you after we were done.

If things weren't so complicated with her situation then I would say that I had found my kinky girl, but her situation is so complicated that we both know that we're only play partners.

Maybe that will change, maybe it won't. I'm not going force that issue.

A note on leg exercises. I need to do more of them. I felt the burn when I tried to do one position and it included me doing monkey thrusts into her.

Fortunately, that is all that FortraDVD is. Squats with a bit of extra thrown in. I'm glad of the exercises I'm doing because I used them during the naughty bad fun time I had.

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