Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random thoughts on an iPod

I was able to make it out to The Mark for their annual slave auction. http://themarkbycpi.com Saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while, met a lot of people that were new to me.

There were a few young women there that I wouldn't mind going out with. I'm not ready yet though.

I want to lose at least fifty pounds before I start really dating anybody. I think that the way that I'm doing this weightloss is going to be crucial in not just seeing me lose the weight but regaining the ultimate control and health of my body.

I want my stomach to either be in line with my chest or below it. So I think I'll find some additional cardio, core exercises and chest exercises to do on the off days of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I know that my body isn't my biggest issue when it comes to dating and sex, but it is a major component.

Attitude and behavior. Sex appeal.

I want to get my own place, somewhere that I can dedicate to my passions and make my own money.

I'm still toying with the idea of making my own book and website. I need models for that though. I also need more money than what I have.

I feel like I'm starting at square one, I'm missing so much information about my job history and there was a period of about a year that I was unemployed. I was going to school and working at the school paper, but I was bringing in no substantial amount of income.

I used to collect Skin Two magazines and Marque magazines before they stopped carrying them at my usual bookstore haunts. I guess I was the only one buying the product.

I did the FortraDVD exercises today and I was able to do more of them. It left me soaked with sweat and exhausted. I also finished off the workout as she implies, I'll try this for a week and see if this has a noticable effect.

I'm also going to fill up my off days with some cardio, upper body, and core exercises. Or if I can find a good martial arts class to attend.

The job hunt continues: the application process is as arduous as I ever remember.

I hope that I can find work soon. I'm running into all the scams for people seeking work though, pay us X dollars and then you can apply with us.

Lol! Sorry buddy. If I had the money to be paying you, then I wouldn't be needing a job.

Tomorrow is measurement Wednesday and I hope I've lost something.

I need to see about selling some of my photography. I'll start a list of search options up and see if I can find some sites willing to buy then try to find a girl willing to take a chance.

How much does a bondage/fetish model get paid?

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