Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Measurement Wednesday!

I've done the workout about five times. I've made my own little adjustments to the order of things on the DVD, like stretching before I do the exercises. Not that they're difficult by themselves, but I just seem to do more after stretching.

If Kat were to do another one of these videos, I would have to say adding some stretches in the beginning to get warmed up with would be a great idea. I mean, really…who doesn’t stretch before they work out?

I would also suggest leaving more time between exercises that require a position change. I'm an out of shape kinky bastard and sometimes I just need to breathe after doing some of the core work. So when Jessie comes out ready to do pushups, I really hate him at that point, because I'm still on my back panting from the stomach crunches.

I'm a bit confused about the ending of the DVD; are we supposed to masturbate or have an orgasm at the end of the as part of the workout? It's implied but never included as part of it…

Some things I've noticed since starting the workout: when I first started the workout on the 3rd of May, I was three exercises in and sweat was pouring off me in buckets. Today I'm sweating, but it isn't the pool of sweat I had before. My heart was pounding in my chest and throat those first few days, but not now.

I don't feel much different except I've noticed I'm eating less and staying full longer, and people have really noticed that I'm looking much better. I'm not porn star quality yet, but damnit, that's what I'm shooting for!

I didn't take my measurements at the beginning of the regime, but I'm going to get them now and post them and then come back to them in a week.

Measurement Wednesday is born.


Navel 46" totally relaxed

Upper Thigh 34"

Chest 46"

Weight unknown, no scales available

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